IN MY SHOES w Lo Williams
In our latest IN MY SHOES feature we caught up with Inspirational Explorer & Founder of Can’t Stay Put Lo Miller and learned that she’s been almost everywhere in her $7 Nicaraguan Army boots. Learn about where she’s been and what made her decide to grab this shoe and travel the world. Check it outHERE.


from the SHOP
The Clap for Me shirt inspired many people. And in result, we’re damn near out of stock of this statement heavy tee. Grab your before it’s too late so you can make your haters Clap for You! SHOP

from the BLOG
We recently worked with leather goods brand Yetu Urithi to create a themed Lookbook for their 2014 Fall season. See It!
from the LAB
We’re always working on something, but as of recently we developed a Summer Apparel campaign consisting of a bunch of things such as t-shirts, stickers, videos and more CHECK IT