Ear Candy: Anotha Me

Fresh out of Harlem, NY, “Anotha Me” is a singing/songwriting duo with the talent, beauty, and drive to succeed in this world of entertainment. With support and recognition from the likes of  music heavyweight, Mr. Andre Harrell, these sisters just may have what it takes to make it. Undoubtedly, the leaders in music are definitely getting younger and younger these days. The appeal and the room for growth is surely a positive. Thanks to the super stardom that Justin Beiber and Willow Smith (among others) will continue to bring forth, people will have no choice but to pay attention to these girls.

“ANOTHA ME will set the world of entertainment on fire. Their, soulful, poppy, yet edgy tonality will captivate listeners. Their music is infused with all three genres Pop, Rock & B, which produces a distinctive sound of music. Their music is new, fresh and unique which makes it impossible for any other artist to duplicate. ANOTHA ME’S music serves as a platform to voice the viewpoints of the adolescent generation by creating songs dealing with teen issues such as peer pressure, self-image and love. Their music transcends time because they created concepts of substance which will be enjoyed by all.”

I love them- & not because they are like my family :) !  What do you guys think?

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Date: October 18, 2010 / Author:

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