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Last night’s XXL Freshman concert last night in NYC at BB Kings was SICK! Especially if you love to stand in line for an half and then stand in a crowd for 3 more hours. lol. But on the real, I totally enjoyed myself at last nights event, other then the fact I didn’t have my camera ready (bummer). I went to last nights event for one reason and one reason only, within the past few months this reason has been mentioned on Mix206 plenty of times. Are you ready? Ok… Kendrick Lamar! He killed it!!! Other then fire music, dude stage presence was DOPE! He demanded control of the stage, and the audience gave it to him from start to end. He performed his tracks differently by slowing up his flow on what would normally be a fast song. In between songs, Kendrick free styled positive, deep yet hard and meaningful raps. I thought he did an awesome job. There are a few other artist that caught my attention, like Fred the Godson. Fred, did a track sampling Biggie and Jayz’s lyrics mixing them with his own lyrics. Fred executed it perfectly, very unique and I would throw it in there with Nas’s “Rewind” (not as dope) but DOPE! I enjoyed Cyhi the Prynce performance, he had hella energy and brought out one of my favorite’s “Pusher T”. Surprisingly, Lil twist performance was really good. I’d never by his music, but I’d give my lil bro money to watch him perform. The lil dude performed like he live on the stage. No one was ASS, but there are some that stick out and some that we will probably never hear of again. I wish them all luck and can’t wait to hear more stuff from them. Awesome job by XXL with this class and show! As always, I have a few photos for you borrowed from XXLmag.com I’ll post videos form the event tomorrow, stay tuned!


Freshmen Show Photo Recap

Date: March 23, 2011 / Author:

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