Dope Flick!: Wiz Khalifa @ Bonnaroo 2011

Wiz Khalifa: Bonnaroo 2011

I wish I knew the photographer’s name so that I could give credit where credit is due. This shot of Wiz Khalifa is DOPE! I came across this pic on Twitter, I then texted it one of my homies and told him I took it LOL! He was like “yo this a money shot!” Hahahahaha I wish I did take this. Despite Wiz looking like he weighs 12 pounds soaking wet, the angle of this shot is crazy. I love how the background is silenced by the blur but we can all imagine the magnitude of the noise, and how crisp and clear Wiz appears. HELP me find the photographer, I would love to see his or her other works.

Date: July 4, 2011 / Author:

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