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I’m not known to be a motorcycle nor automotive head at all, but just like all things design, I can spot it. This is one of the best custom cycles I’ve ever seen (remember I might have seen many) lol.
If you know the name Bryan Fuller, it’s probably because he’s the co-host of the Speed TV show Two Guys Garage. Fuller is also a very adept custom bike builder, and created this machine for Cafe Racer TV. It has the most aggressive stance of any CB750 we’ve seen recently, and the performance credentials to back up that sporty look.


The "Rodan" Honda CB750 from Fuller Hot Rods

The motor has been uprated to 836cc and now breathes through Keihin CR carbs. The brakes are thoroughly modern Beringers—with inboard rotors—and the swingarm is a modified Yamaha Seca II part. The tank is a reshaped Honda item, fitted with an aircraft-style filler cap, but the rear bodywork is entirely new, and fabricated from aluminum. The forks have been shaved and polished, and a custom monoshock sits at the back. Neat touches abound, with the oil tank built into the swingarm and a Buell lens slotted into the custom headlight shell.

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