Urban Explorers: Dom Kennedy – NYC – Highline Ballroom



Dom Kennedy – NYC – Highline Ballroom – 3.12 from The Artoholiks on Vimeo.

Finally got the opportunity to catch my homie Dom Kennedy in lower Manhattan a few weeks ago at the Highline Ballroom. The place was jammed packed, unlike my previous concert goings, I was unable to get a good spot. However, I was still able to enjoy myself and the tunes off of Dom’s “From the Westside with Love II” album. The most exciting part of the concert or any concert is when the artist plays ya favorite tracks, it was good to know that the crowd enjoyed my favorite tracks. Speaking of the crowd, I was impressed by the size and age group and interaction level. The kids consisted of 18 – 25 yr old boys all dress the same, same outfits just different colors and brands. Enjoy the video and peep some of the photos that I posted via Flickr below.

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