Vimeo: Fresh New Features on Apple TV

One of artoholiks’s biggest features on the site is “ARTO TV” and guess where we get the videos from? Vimeo, well of course. One of the best sites online that showcase music videos, short films and animated movies from independent artist from all over the world. Now don’t get it twisted, the site isn’t all about indy’s, it’s just what us Artoholiks love about the beautiful video platform. So we have news, well Vimeo does, peep it down below.

“All you hardcore Apple TV lovers are in for a treat — we’re peeling the wraps off a bushel of sweet new features. Because you know what they say: An Apple TV feature a day keeps the doctor away! (They do say that, right?) Anyway, here’s what’s fresh off the tree”

Continuous Playback
Want to watch videos with no interruptions? No problem! When you’re done with one video, we’ll serve up another. Just sit back, relax, and feast your eyes.
Expanded Search
In addition to searching for individual videos, you can now forage through Channels, Groups, and People. It’s never been easier to find videos suited to your taste.
Related Videos
Video detail pages now feature a selection of similar videos for your consumption. Scroll down to find videos uploaded and liked by the video’s creator, as well as any Categories, Channels, and Groups that the video has been added to.

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