We create experiences that work, function, and sell your story. At MIX206, our core focus with websites is to make sure that not only are they pretty (because your website will be pretty) but also, most importantly, that they work! “What does that mean,” you ask. It means your site should function for both your consumers and you. Your site should provide you with the luxuries of being able to connect with whomever visits, getting to know who they are, where they come from, and what they do once they land on your piece of internet soil. is an informational fashion website simply built to show off the brand’s latest campaigns from season to season. We took the opportunity to feed off of the black and white aesthetic by creating a simple black background with white text and a seamless grid to display the photography. A clean and easy to navigate mobile and desktop design that’s just flat out sexy.

yungrich is a e-commerce website built using shopify to sell merchandise for the Hip-Hop group Migos. The challenge for us with this project was budget. We needed to find a platform that would be cost effective, easy to use, and have plenty of essential e-comm tools.

thefive is a photo journal website/blog designed to share stories and display some of the most beautiful images coming out of the City of Newark. As we worked closely with the Hycide team to finalize this site, we learned more and more about the content as it was developed. Our goal was to ensure that each and every visitor was smacked with a strong image from page to page.


Nowadays, everyone has a dream of selling their own product. Our friends at not only want to sell their own tees but also want to do it in style. For this project, we tricked out a pre-built Wordpress template and dropped in all of their original graphics to create a dope looking e-commerce website that works on Wordpress and WooCommerce giving this start-up brand a premium look on a low budget.

Did you ever want to know just a little bit of information on some of your favorite brands prior to purchasing? is a brand that sells product via department stores and other online sites;  but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have an online presence, right? We built a website that would not only house their content but also boasts a blog component that would help keep the site fresh and current.

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We put a lot of time into each of the projects above. But that’s not it! Below are some pretty amazing sites that we not only built and maintain but we also worked with the client on the development of the overall branding. Take a look…



splash page



one-pager / tech

small business

music / e-commerce


more work...