ARTO TV: Maestro Knows – Episode 3 (Los Angeles)

This is one of my favorite videos from the Maestro Knows series because it’s more intimate than the others. I love how quick each friend got to the point without looking rushed and pressured. Another reason why I think it’s very intimate is because everything is home (LA) and none of the guest are BIG-TIME or well recognized celebs. Meastro worked a campaign earlier in 2013 along with Hennessy titled Wild Rabbit. It’s about chasing after the thing that you love, striving for it, capturing it, improving it and so on. So he asked his friends (Bridget Kelly, Nem Perez, Valerie Julian, Kyle Awtry), What’s Your Wild Rabbit? So now I ask you… What’s your Wild Rabbit? What are you chasing? What excites you everyday? For me, I’m chasing a goal of acquiring a career with a major brand that will allow me to create content and stories like this utilizing all my talents. I hope the video below inspire you or motivate you to fight harder at catching your Wild Rabbit!

Maestro Knows – Episode 3 (Los Angeles) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.