Urban Exploring: The Newark Print Shop


In this episode… We hooked up with a local print shop in Newark, NJ that was created with the purpose to share and educate. The Newark Print Shop was built ground up by four local artist and is now shared with the Newark Art scene.

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Happy Hour with Akintola Hanif of HYCIDE magazine


Our Happy Hour series took a back seat to our other monthly segments or did it really? Maybe we were busy shadowing a very special creative… Maybe we had to attend all of his events in the past year… Maybe we had to kick it with him in his studio… Maybe we roamed the streets of Newark in search of his subjects… Maybe for an entire year we gathered a ton of footage of Akintola Hanif and learned what it takes to create a subculture and art journal called HYCIDE magazine… Maybe we had to do all of this just to piece together a two minute story about a photojournalist and filmmaker that goes against the grain to tell stories of the feared, neglected and misunderstood. Maybe we should change the title from “Happy Hour with Akintola Hanif of HYCIDE” to “HYCIDE Year with Akintola Hanif”. In this two minute journey, Akintola takes us with him and allows us to really get to know not only what he does but why he does it. Enjoy!


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Outside of Street Photography… What other styles of photography do you enjoy?

Sometimes, when it’s not work and I have creative freedom I enjoy studio photography, I also enjoy paid event photography when it’s a interesting event.

What other photographers inspire you?

You know there are many that come to mind, some of whose names I don’t even know, but the main ones that’ve directly inspired me are Gordon Parks, Jamel Shabazz, Zun Lee and NemaEtebar.

If you could do an issue on another US city outside of Newark and Brooklyn which would it be?

Most likely It would be the inner cities of California and I’d focus heavily on the gangs and homeless there.

Please share with us how you get your mind right when selecting and editing your images?

Usually I just sit alone and listen to music, preferably atmospheric. Music with no words allows me to zone out and focus better; but then sometimes I listen to hard (rap) shit too.

If you had the opportunity to shoot ANYONE who would it be?

Maybe the vitiligo model Winnie Harlow or this one really interesting dressing Muslim pimp around here that runs a crack hotel.

Name one thing Akintola love outside of ART and PHOTOGRAPHY… something silly.

I can’t really think of anything that I love that’s silly, I take love very seriously and am not easily influenced. Outside of art and photography (before art and photography) my greatest love is for my son.

Why are you passionate about subculture?

I’m really passionate about subculture because I have an extreme interest in telling stories untold and understanding things and people that are often misunderstood. I also tend to really identify with people who have made choices that society deems unacceptable, because I too have made similar choices (at different times in my life) and exist to the left of the status quo.
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Why should others know more about subculture?

I just personally feel that’s it’s always good to understand the world around you and all of its nuances. All inclusive understanding can also dismantle fear, create empathy, and inspire love, which is my mission as man and artist.

How do you feel photography shifts the world?

I’m not sure photography shifts the world, however I do know that images shifts people’s perception and often times photography is used to project negative images and assumptions about who people are. Photography can also be used to cover up the intentions and true identity of the conniving and untruthful, like politicians etc…When we don’t know people first hand the images we see develop our perceptions of them. This can be a good and/or bad thing.

If a corporate brand wanted to sponsor and 100% back you and Hycide, which company would be the best to do so?

I can’t really think of any corporate brands, but maybe Puma or Red Bull (if those are even considered corporate brands) just because I see them doing things with the arts community. However, I think HYCIDE sponsorship would have to come from private donors or a major arts organization like the Andy Warhol or Dodge foundation.

Lastly, in getting to know Akintola…How long should this video really be?

To really get to know me, you’d have to follow me throughout the years and experiences that have made me who I am, and that would take a lifetime or at least a couple hours of edited footage.

What advice can you give an up and coming street photographer?

I would encourage them to develop relationships with people as opposed to just going out on the streets randomly, but there has to be a mixture of both. Acting on impulse and patience are equally important in street photography, you have to approach people without fear and with genuine intentions for them to really open up to you. It’s also really good to revisit the same places and people so that you can really catch the intimate moments (after forming bonds) that take place in the street and in their lives.


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Written / Edited – Iquan Worthington & Akintola Hanif
Video – Directed, Shot & Edited – Iquan Worthington
Video Music: Da P dabeatX – DopeDopeDope
HYCIDE magazine: Hycide

Happy Hour with Kiakoma Olski Roberts


In our third installment of the Happy Hour series, The Artoholiks Public Works crew followed Kiakoma Olski Roberts from Yetu Urithi for a few days to see what its like to transform from an educator to a fashion designer to just a normal creative that enjoys what the world has to offer. From fashion to supporting his peers, Mr. Roberts shows us how all of the above works hand in hand towards his legacy through his brand. Unlike our previous Happy Hour sessions, Kiakoma treated our crew like family by inviting us into his home while we captured intimate sessions with his close friends and even allowed us to film him eat and shop with the goal of seeing his creative lifestyle.

In this two minute journey, Kiakoma shares his secret to how he makes his life dynamic, with his belief in the world being too big to just be one thing. Now enjoy Kiakoma Olski’s Happy Hour with The Artoholiks!

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Why did you get into the accessory business?

I’ve always liked backpacks and accessories. I think accessories breathe life into an outfit, they really complete your look. With that being said, I wanted to make accessories that were high quality & luxurious, but still consisted of an edgy street vibe.

What brands inspire you outside of LV & Gucci?

Just to name a few… Hermes, Goyard, Brunello Cucinelli, BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club, ICECREAM, Stussy, Supreme, American Classic Ralph Lauren Rugby and Brooklyn Circus. I love the dynamic of mixing high end with premium.

What music are you currently listening to?

(Punk rock) Falloutboy, (Futuristic Funk) Francis and the Lights, (90’s Hardcore Hip-Hop) Outkast, Jay-z. M.O.P, Mobb Deep, Nas, UGK, and Snoop & Dre. The only new Hip-Hop artists I listen to are from the G.O.O.D Music Camp and MGK.

You mentioned that you love to travel, what’s your favorite US City and why?

Las Vegas! It’s such a beautiful city during the day and night and there is always something to do. I would even go as far as saying its a better New York minus the fashion scene.

What did the acronym in Wierdoz O.W.N.L.I stand for?

Our World Never Loses Intensity.

Why did the Autobiography of Malcolm X changed your life?

I related to it because it showed the evolution of a man from a criminal to self educated pillar of a community. While growing up, family members would express their low expectations of me because I was always in trouble and most of my cousins were locked up. In their minds, I would be next and Malcolm inspired me to prove them wrong.

Lastly, how was it to work with The Artoholiks?

What would you tell people about your experience? It was a great experience, I thoroughly enjoyed expressing what my personal and professional brand has to offer. Being able to collaborate and share my testimony to inspire others to create and reach for higher levels was priceless.
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Written / Edited – Iquan Worthington, Kiakoma Olski Roberts & MrsAleeshaW
Video – Directed Shot & Edited – Iquan Worthington & The Artoholiks Public Works
Video Music: Dela – The Robert The Robert Glasper Beat Tape – Dizzy
Photography: Iquan Worthington & The Artoholiks Public Works
Shop: Yetu Urithi

Urban Exploring: Episode 1 - Moruf & Aaron Brown

Back in January, we kept the love in Newark, NJ and attended a special event to celebrate Dubois’s birthday, hosted by our friends Kaylan Jones and the P-N-F crew. The small yet intimate event featured a live performance by local rapper Moruf who currently holds a mean street buzz right now in the music world. Moruf released his latest mix tape back in December titled Shades of Moo. The following morning we hung out in Harrison, NJ; a little town right outside of Newark to catch up with fellow Artoholik Aaron Brown. Aaron was in town from Brooklyn to shoot video for a track off his newly released poetry album Under Construction. Our message in this story… spending time with friends is always a beautiful thing, but supporting those friends is even better. That’s it for now, we hope you enjoyed Urban Exploring with us.

Recap: Munny Social (August)

Munny Social

On August 25th in Downtown Newark at Elbowroom, 30+ Munny Lovers and Artoholiks met up to create, eat, chill and enjoy a niche event on a summer afternoon. Head Artoholik IquanW created this event to share a passion point that he discovered earlier this spring. Since he received a great response on his collection via the internet, Iquan decided to create an event in which he could physically show off his work, share tips and create a fun event for friends and local artists.

Munny Social

Starting at 1pm, guest arrived prepared with their tools and ideas for their custom Munny experience. Upon arrival, each guest was greeted with a bag that contained their Munny, a black Sharpie, Art is Dope buttons and stickers from Branded Baron. The process was simple… get your bag, name tag, and get stamped! Guests that RSVP’ed via Meetup or Eventbrite were stamped with the RED Artoholik Astroman, certifying them as an Artoholik. Guests who did not RSVP were welcomed and stamped with a BLACK Artoholik Astroman. Once guests received their name tag, they were directed to pass the name tag to the host from Elbow Room. The host then used the tag to complete attendees food order and bring guests their selection. In addition to being used to grab a bite, tags were also used for goodie bag drawings and photos. Goodie bags contained swag from Modern Amusement, Sprayground and Branded Baron.

Munny Social

Throughout the event, Artoholik AleeshaW ran giveaways, entertained guest with jokes and then put all artists on the spot by making them share their inspiration for their custom Munny. “The event turned out better than planed” said IquanW who had only 2 weeks to prep for the event. Between Aleesha and Iquan, they had to sell tickets, brand event, order supplies, connect with sponsors and partners and lastly, gather team. Speaking of event team, Laytonic provided the sounds for the afternoon while Guru documented the entire event via Photo and Video and then a last minute co-host Shirley jumped in to decorate and make every guest welcomed. “This is what the Artoholiks are about!” said AleeshaW.

Munny Social

Guests included local Artists Jerry Gant, Lauren Craig aka (Inafabworld), Forever Audacious, Hycide and Andres Jimenez. Munny Social was also blessed with very talented artists such as Steve Cancel, Joe Baron, Dominiqué la Reine and surprise attendees Steve Janowicz and Randy Smith. While Dominiqué la Reine had the best and most talked about Munny, Iquan’s old high school buddy walked away with the best design award. We’re working hard to get the 2nd Munny Social together, in the meantime enjoy these beautiful images whipped up by the Artoholiks own IquanW and Guru. Enjoy!

Munny Social

Peep more photos on our flickr or facebook streams.