Urban Exploring: Adam Padilla (Episode 7)


In our 7th episode of the season, Iquan takes a solo trip to NYC to visit long time design friend Adam Padilla at the Brand Fire Agency HQ. During the time, Adam gave Iquan a tour of the studio and they discussed life, family, design and holding yourself accountable for making time to do the things that makes you happy. The two also had a drawing session, ordered food via Seamless and just caught up.



President & Chief Creative Officer of BRAND FIRE Creative in NYC is a giant ball of creative genius. Adam has pretty much touched greatness in everything between the worlds of Graphic Design and Fine Art. Adam has a in depth portfolio and resume to back those words up including the Creative Director position for Nets Basketball. To learn more about Adam and his work follow him on Instagram here.
creates brand names, logos, messaging, packaging, point-of-sale, website and collateral to give their clients a competitive advantage. brandfire.com

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Color Me RAD 2014 (NYC)

In case you missed it last summer… The Artoholiks took part in the annual Color Me RAD NJ/NY 5K at the METLife Stadium. Okay let me share a secret with you. For those of you who don’t know much about the Artoholiks crew, besides our diversity, we’re a dope collective of athletic creative heads who confront every new challenge like artistic dare devils. Any who we love running marathons. Last year we took part in the super kick @## & very nontraditional Color Me RAD NY/NJ 5k at the MetLife Stadium and definitely had a blast. Picture this, starting a 5K in a crispy white T-Shirt or tank top and finishing the run literally showered in a bust of awesome colors. As the folks at COLOR ME RAD said it best, “Historically, running has only been acceptable when trying to escape the law, personal responsibility, the truth, and grizzly bears.” Unfortunate if you missed July 27th festivities to get your fresh white tee color bombed in blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow until every inch of your body: face, shirt, socks, etc is camouflaged. We’ve got you covered. If you think that was all, you thought WRONG! Imagine also partying at 10AM with DJ Brostradamus after a 5k run. We’re cool peeps so we’ll share a bit with you guys. Watch us and some of our friends get color bombed RAD style & getting our party on. Check the photos below! YES they’re free for download and make sure to tag us with @theartoholiks PEACE!

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Urban Exploring: Mott Street Cycles (Special Edition)

In this special edition of Urban Exploring, Iquan takes Guru to pick up his bike from Mott Street Cycles in China Town NYC. The two explore the shop and then cruise through the lower east side and Manhattan Bridge.

Mott Street Cycles

It all started a week prior to this journey when Iquan discovered Mott Street Cycles and immediately brought his bike from the unique and well branded bike shop. While heading back to Jersey Iquan texted Guru about the discovery and sent a few photos of the bicycle, Guru instantly said… “I want one”. The very next day, the two headed over to China Town to order Guru’s custom bike. It was a simple process, walk in, point at what you want, tell them the colors and what accessories then within 5 minutes your bike is ordered. Guru color choice was based off Iquan’s color scheme which is the color scheme of the Artoholiks overall branding.

2014-05-09 15.14.24

In a matter of days, Guru got the call from MSC to pick up his brand new means of transportation, the Urban Exploring duo got there within an hour and began they’re exploration around downtown Manhattan. And just like that they created another story for Artoholiks.com, enjoy the video above and check out more photos in the photobooth. Deuces!



MSC Customs is a local bike and apparel company based in China Town Manhattan. Specializing in assembling fine personalized bicycles at a reasonable price, built with a commuters mindset. Learn More[/one_third]


Urban Exploring: Episode 4 – THE InstaMEET

In this episode Iquan Worthington hops out of the car and on to NYC transit to meet up and document with a group of street photographers as they roam parts of NYC in search of the best Instagram photos of the day.






In this journey Iquan hooks up with fellow Artoholik/friend Steve Cancel a.k.a @smbnyc, and pretty much shadow him as they both get to know the group of young street photographers starting out at Grand Central Station and ending in Long Island City. The whole idea started when Steve noticed that Iquan commented they’re mutual Instagram buddie @4thkind photo, once the two realized that they were both trying to connect with him they pretty fell into the instaMEET group put together by @cityof_dreams. Overall the day was long and tiring from constant walking, taking, stopping, posing, and sharing ideas. The end result? We all earned new friends, new respect for our work and have documentation on exploring parts of the most beautiful city in the world.

Special shout of to @cityof_dreams, @smbnyc, @truthsoverlies and @cathya0528 for contributing their photos to the video. 

Here’s the rest of the crew, follow them all..

@truthsoverlies, @, @4th_kind, @phaser_ps, @andrew13_105, and @hidden_luxury


the instaMEET

We hope you enjoyed another Artoholik Original Story. Click here for the photobooth of this event.



Urban Exploring: Episode 3 - Sunday's Beats for Brunch

In our third episode of Urban Exploring, IquanW hops in a cab with Guru and DJ Ream Supreme to check out “Sunday’s Beats for Brunch” at Pianos in the LES of Manhattan. As the crowd enjoyed food and drinks, Laytonic, El Siete, DJ Polarity and The Grand Affair each had an hour to bless the crowd with good music. Enjoy this mini recap of event.


“Sundays Beats for Brunch was once just an idea, but with a little bit of time, networking, and getting to know one another, Laytonic’s idea for Sunday’s Beats for Brunch came to fruition.

It’s always astounding when something imagined or pictured in the mind becomes a reality, but when that reality becomes a successful idea, it just let’s you know that you were born to create.

To us, this day was a success not because of the number of people that attended or because of the amount of money made, but for the simple fact that all of our friends that share the same story as creators were here to witness an idea turn into a goal. That goal became Sunday’s Beats for Brunch.” – IquanW









Urban Exploring: Starter Club House (Special Edition)

Last week we got an opportunity to get a sneak peek into the Starter Clubhouse, which is now open in NYC’s Times Square at the Paramount Hotel.




The clubhouse offers Starter NFL, NBA, and MLB Satin Jackets, as well as limited edition collaboration products under the premium Starter Black Label. We were amazed at the merchandising of the space as well as the assortment. Products ranged from Satin Jackets to Snapbacks, Crewneck Sweaters and knit hats. Not to mention they’re killing it when it comes to collaborations by teaming up with folks such as Dee & Ricky, Stussy, Slo Bucks, Kith and more. The shop is now open through the end of February to the general public, so be sure to stop in and shop their one-of-a-kind apparel. Shout out to Starter for letting us come through, we definitely enjoyed the tour before the doors opened. Oh yeah, if you choose to swing by, be sure to tell them the Artoholiks sent you! Peace!

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Photos & Video: IquanW & Guru