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  • smokingbookdiel

    Dope Packaging: Snoop Dogg’s Smokable Book

    Snoop calls it "Whatever you have or however you have it

  • Polyhedron-soap-package

    DOPE PACKAGING of the DAY: MORFOZE Polyhedron soap

    Check out this hard soap concept...

  • BrooklynFare

    Dope Packaging of the Day: BrooklynFare

    There’s nothing different or spectacular about this packaging as far as material, size, or color. But the messaging is...

  • abolut_mandarin_recycled_bottle_tumbler__80864_zoom-e1313465116420

    Dope Packaging of the day: Repurposed Bottles

    These   5.675″ tall x 3″ diameter Capacity – 16 ounces Tumblers holds 30 -32 ounces of fluid. A...

  • lovely-package-i-love-elassona1

    Dope Packaging: I Love Elassona

    Designed by Sophia Georgopoulou | Country: Greece “For a baby-boy christening ceremony in the city of Elassona (Central Greece), small...


    Creative or Not Creative? That Is The Question

    Ok, some things are a little overboard when we talk about being “creative”. I stumbled upon these creative packaging...

  • jack-daniels-xl

    Dope Packaging: Jack Daniel’s Ready-to-Drink

  • carhartt-lovenskate-tea

    Dope Packaging of the Day: Carhartt x Lovenskate “TEA-RRIFIC!” Box Set

    Carhartt and British skate company Lovenskate teamed up to create a “TEA-RRIFIC!” box set. The collection features a limited...

  • 01_25_11_bgin5

    Dope Packaging of the Day: Brooklyn Gin

    I know I say I love everything but I really do love this bottle design! The medallion logo reminds...

  • slacks1

    Dope Packaging of the Day: Slacks Cologne

    Awesome bottle design by Charles S. Anderson Design for Slacks Cologne! I LOVE this! Is it just me or...