the clav™ effect

We help make companies & start-ups feel confident about their look, approach and voice.

What we do…

In a galaxy not quite so far away, we’re a team of creatives, exemplifying the convergence of crew love and creativity; the result is art personified and amplified, so much so, it has created a new type of individual, one heavily under the influence (of art that is). That’s us, the Artoholiks. We embody ambition, the breaking of boundaries, and the pushing of the envelope. We recognize boxes don’t serve us well, we prefer spaceships. We create freely and deliberately to build and sustain brands. The only time you’ll find us in a box is if we put ourselves there, and in that case, chances are we’ll leave the top open.

Aaron Brown
Creative Director

The Crew.

Our team is a vast group of creatives with backgrounds in entertainment, marketing, campaign strategy, product development, and project management. As a crew, we combine our skillsets to generate unique experiences for our clients.

Iquan Worthington
Chief Creative Officer

Kevin Lowery
Director of New Biz
& Acct. Mang.

Julius Worthington
CEO / Nap Strategist

Rasheedah S. Billups
Director of Communications

Our History.

Founded in 2006, we offered creative services including web development, design, and print. Over the past decade it has transformed from being a small side project of Iquan’s to a platform for team collaboration. These collaborations include creative projects, stories, products and events.

With just a few bucks and a little bit of buzz in the printing world, we started business in 2006 and moved into our first studio in 2007. As we aspired to be more like the people who inspired us, we ventured out to develop a lifestyle sector of our business. This lead to creating a direction that would shape the way we get work, dictate what type of work, how we market ourselves, and the people we would work for.

Through blogging, attending events and creating content based on these things, it allowed us to grow and re-define our business while creating an identity for ourselves. Even as individuals we all have set out to create our own personal projects that still surround the overall aesthetic of The Artoholiks. Our crew has released books and albums, performed at major concerts and venues, won awards, and much more. To date, as a collective we produced and hosted over 15 Art and Lifestyle events between NJ, NYC and BROOKLYN. Each event has been infused with our core marketing, design and online skill-sets while adding our individual skills in music, art, entertainment and creative writing.

From hosting pop-up shops featuring products we create to producing video series based on the lifestyle that we enjoy, our efforts have one common goal and that goal is to educate our peers. We create opportunities and experiences that go beyond our ability to design and market.