A digital space, serving as a platform to create & share the lifestyle of the members within our crew along with all the things and people we enjoy.


What is an Artoholik? Artoholiks are creative individuals from various walks of life who have a point of view with their artistic passion. Whether their interest is in Photography, Music, Graphic Design, Fashion, Event Planning and more, the goal is to activate this collective group under the Artoholik umbrella. Via engaging events, the Artoholiks support and develop relationships with one another in the hope of pushing each others creativity multiple steps forward. Are you an Artoholik? Join us and drive your creative energy in a new direction. Interested? Click here.
The new Artoholiks.com is our hub to share, post, sell and announce. Within the site you can obtain info on the latest trends in music, fashion, tech, and art. However, we pride ourselves on developing original content via written and video interviews, documenting local lifestyle events and discussing happenings that we were apart of or just enjoy. Another aspect of the site is the shop, as within the crew are several business owners and artist who create products. We also have peers such as clients, colleagues, friends and family that make or sell cool products as well . Every item within The Artoholiks shop are items that we would personally use, wear or have in our every day lives.
The Artoholiks was founded in 2006 by Iquan Worthington, Graphic Designer and Design Agency Owner. The initial focus of the creative arm was related to the design agency aspect but there was always a push for like-minded individuals to be a part of its mission. In 2008 we launched mix206.com, a blog that would share the day to day activity from our agency studio while sharing the things, places and people that inspired us. After partnering up with another local agency in 2010, Iquan Worthington slowly closed the creative services section of The Artoholiks making the Artoholiks solely a creative lifestyle organization through mix206.com. Over the years The Artoholiks has participated and documented several events mostly in Newark, NJ and New York. Since 2006 Artoholiks.com served as a creative portfolio until 2013 when Iquan decided to bring everything together, creating a jumbo site that consists of a blog, shop and creative portfolio.